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Production: RollingOut All Summer '16 Issue

Almost every influential artist in hip-hop has either written, produced, or created a melodic, game-changing track that encompasses their unique artistry, not even knowing if that song would be a big hit. These artists take risks in hopes that their fans, as well as the rest of the music world, will understand their vision. However, what may seem risky can quickly turn into a great success story for those gifted individuals — a true piece of raw, unfiltered artwork that has been positively received.

Now, while it’s impressive to have a hit single, timing is essential and summer is a sacred season when it comes to releasing a big hit. Everybody loves a good anthem they can jam out to during the hot summer days as they joyride to the beach or a pool party. And certain summer selections climb to the top of the charts, becoming a “song of the summer.” These are the songs that we make crazy, adventurous yet everlasting memories to. The songs that will be loved for years to come because it will remind listeners of their favorite, and most wild moments of summer ’16.

But like all good things, which can’t last, summer is coming to an end. As we reflect on summer ’16, and the music that’s been in rotation since June, rolling out has decided to celebrate and applaud some of hip-hop’s emerging, breakout artists who have been taking over the airwaves, selling out shows, and climbing the music charts, surpassing some of the hottest rappers in the game, all summer long.

After months of debating and reviewing readers’ votes and submissions, we’re proud to present our highly anticipated summer ’16 cover, highlighting the success of some of hip-hop’s newest talent, who have made their presence known.

This summer’s hip-hop dominators are: 21 Savage, YFN Lucci, Migos, Kap G, Young Dolph and recording producer Zaytoven. We’ve heard all of these artists’ songs played in the club, at parties.

Check out the photos and full article!

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